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Art and Expression


Post Office Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   

Post Office Space Center, Niterói, Brazil 



Strathmore, Maryland, USA


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SP Theatre School, São Paulo, Brazil   

Utopia Space, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

The Motor House, Maryland, USA         

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Infinite Stage

In the Attic taking a moment to remember. In the Attic is an invitation to share poetic moments of one woman’s life while reflecting on the meaning of our own lives.  The piece seamlessly integrates a performance language where movement, text, sound and visual elements are seamlessly interwoven to create a simple narrative. In the Attic provides a moment to pause from our daily rhythm.

Meet the people who together are creating and shaping the Infinite Stage language

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Embody creativity - workshops with Leslie Felbain and Daniel Pinha

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In the Attic, taking a moment to remember

In the Attic 

In the Attic is a beautiful and delicate conversation about life.

Places where IN the Attic has performed

Infinite Stage

is an ensemble-based company integrating creative and healing arts.
Our cross-disciplinary work provides an opportunity for people to share their stories.

We create a space for individuals and communities to expand their perspectives by connecting with each other.

We ask questions and explore creative ways to express our discoveries.

With our performance projects we Work in site-specific locations as well as galleries and traditional performance venues. we seek to actively engage audience members in our work.