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Infinite Stage workshops are led by the company's co-directors Leslie Felbain and Daniel Pinha and various company members, depending on the needs of the workshop.Workshops can be designed to meet specific needs of a community, a population, a company or a training program, or can be designed collaboratively.
We look forward to sharing the foundational techniques we engage in as a company.  Our practice begins with arriving in our bodies in the present moment, connecting first with ourselves and then with the people we are engaging with, the people we are "playing with". Then we work with awareness and dramatic engagement of space and site-specific locations, physical training focusing on strength and flexibility, vocal training, awareness and engagement of breath, improvisation, theatrical styles, mask, found objects, improvisation and devised performance, storytelling, and embodied creativity. We enjoy working with artists helping them refine their technique, and storytelling skills.
We also enjoy working with communities, organizations,  and businesses, sharing healing and creative arts techniques to help enhance communication skills.


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