Ash Girl

Ash Girl-Mystical modern Cinderalla.  Playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker, Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Sean Urbantke, Costume Designer Ivania Stack, Katherine Leigh Hafer, Daniel Iwaniec, Lighting Designer Rebbeca Wolf, Composer Colleen Harris, Puppets Ralph Lee.

In the Attic

Taking a Moment to Remember

In the Attic taking a moment to remember. In the Attic is an invitation to share poetic moments of one woman’s life while reflecting on the meaning of our own lives. In the Attic provides a moment to pause from our daily rhythm. Performers Leslie Felbain and Colleen Harris, Directors Leslie Felbain and Daniel Pinha, Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha, Costume Designer Heather Jackson, Composer Colleen Harris, Sound Designer Matthew Aidekman, Dramaturg Patrick Crowley.


A drama about how college students deal with racism on their college campus. Playwright Kirsten Greenidge, Director Leslie Felbain, Assistant Director Leaynne Freeman, Vocal Coach and Music Colleen Harris, Scenic Designer Diana Chun, Lighting Designer Rob Siler, Sound Designer Neil MacFadden, Projections Designer Mark Costello. Commissioned and Produced by the Big Ten Consortium on Theatre, the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at the Univeristy of Maryland, and the Clarice Performing Arts Center. 

Hank Leaves Home

This intimate theatrical concert centers around Hank, a socially awkward musician looking for love and meaning in a space between fantasy and reality. Live music and physical comedy make this " the most important theatrical event on earth since October 28th, 1958." Performer Erik Heger Director Leslie Felbain, Designer Daniel Pinha, Musical Director Erik Heger.

American Voices

A site-specific performance piece created for the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery.
American Voices integrates architecture, history, visual and performance art. The piece examines the lives of historical characters and provides a platform for the characters to comment on contemporary American culture and events. Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha, Costume Designer Kristy Hall and Composer and Musical Director Coleen Harris.

Between Trains

Playwright Juanita Rockwell, Composer Chas Marsh, "Lost in space between here and there, self and other, dream and reality, life and death, Between Trains explores Buddhist views on karma, compassion and choice in a poetic play with songs."

Infinite Stage collaborated on the world premiere of Between Trains, produced by the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies, at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha, Costume Designer Kristy Hall, Lighting Designer Sonia Dowhaluk, Musical Director Colleen Harris.

Chez Moi

A theatrical clown extravaganza, exploring a simple theme of how we define home and community. Created by the ensemble: Miles Borrero, Ka-LIng Chung,  Gwynne Flannagan, Colleen Harris,  J.P. HIggins, Stacey Jensen, D.J. Lapite,  Anna Moore,  Reid Morgan, Jay Randall, Allison Schubert, Peter Stone, Stephanie Weeks, Allison White, Directed by Leslie Felbain, Dramaturg Susan Haedicke

Winter Under the Table

A Play about immigration written in the style of absurd comedy.Written by Roland Topor, Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha, Costume Designer Ann Marie Salamat.

What is a Little Death

A sequel to Hamlet from the perspective of the gravedigger. Created by Leslie Felbain and Juanita Rockwell, Playwright and Lyrics Juanita Rockwell, Director Leslie Felbain, Composer Chas Marsh, Scenic Designer Daniel Ettinger, Costume Designer Ann Marie Salamat and Lighting Designer Rebbeca Wolf.

Art and Expression

Welcome Jenny Sutter

A story about a female U.S Marine returning home from a tour of duty in Iraq and the challenges she faces. Playwright Julie Marie Myatt, Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Collin Ranney, Lighting Designer Sarah Tundermann, Costume Designer Larissa Bregenzer, and Musical Director Colleen Harris.

Green Bird

Satiric humor and stylized characters from the Commedia dell’Arte tradition lead us on an illusory and prophetic journey of the human experience, exploring temptation, greed, power and love. Playwright Carlo Gozzi, Translation Federica Brunori Deigan, Adaptation Leslie Felbain and Kristen Messer, Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Eric Van Wyk, Costume Designer Ana Marie A. Salamat and Composer Colleen Harris.

Infinite Stage


Seven unique caracthers seek answers to universal questions, why, where, when? Baxter: A lost echo, Bapa: A mischievous philosopher, Billy: A voracious appetite, Eunice: A cautious explorer, George: An expert commentator, John William: A developmental phase, and Simmons: A dissonant harmony. Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Daniel Pinha, Composer and Musical Director Shane O'Laughlin.


That is the Question

Loosely following Shakespeare's tragedy through the eyes of clown. This adaptation shows a family of clowns stuck in the story of Hamlet, a tale of revenge, indecision, passion and greed. Director Leslie Felbain, Costume Designer Ann Marie Salamat, Musical Director Colleen Harris.


Site-Seeing explores the myth of America in the style of theatrical clown (a synthesis of Beckett and Fellini). This ensemble portrays the tumultuous arrivals and eclectic experiences of eccentric and witty immigrants as they build their homes and establish themselves in their new land. Director Leslie Felbain, Scenic Designer Eric Van Wyk, Lighting Designer Lawrence Zoll  and Costume Designer Alison Ragland.